What’s On My Reading List?

Mar 20, 2016 | Books

I have been through the emotional wringer. Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You gutted me to my very core. A friend strongly recommended it to me and after seeing the trailer for the upcoming movie (KHALEESI YAAAAAS), I’d admit my curiosity was piqued.

Since I always read a few pages/chapters of whatever book I’m reading before bed, I decided to start on Me Before You at around 9 PM on a Tuesday.

Bad decision.

Fast forward to 4 AM and I’m ugly-sobbing, nearly dehydrated from all the crying and just totally wrecked. Ugh, the feels. Oh man, IDK about you but when I finished that book, I got some coffee, sat down and watched the dawn breaking while silently evaluating my life choices. LOL

It was heart-wrenching.

So of course the next night, I got started on the sequel, After You. And it was a sobering read. It deals with the aftermath of a cataclysm, stepping out of comfort zones and essentially doing the right thing. So many female archetypes trying to break norms.

A housewife taking college classes and asking her husband to help with household chores, a genius single mom trying to finish her education after getting pregnant, an almost 30 single woman finally stepping out of her shell, a beautiful teen utterly lost and trying to find her way despite being neglected and abused.

I could go on but you get the gist. After such traumatizing events, I needed a light read. I searched my reading list for something easy and mundane – a respite from emotional upheavals. YA. Yes.

Enter the Shadowhunter Chronicles.

Yes, the one with that awful movie and the equally disastrous TV series.

I finished all six books of The Mortal Instruments. The first book of three planned for The Dark Artifices came out a couple of weeks ago and I finished that too. It has its own share of drama but the world-building is totally phenomenal. So many characters and lore! It’s not on par with A Song of Ice and Fire but somewhat close with Harry Potter.

When I got to book one of The Infernal Devices, that’s where I lost steam. I feel like I need a break.

Kinda like this post. LOL

So if have anything to add or contribute to my ever growing reading list, please leave a comment below.