Just Another Hello World

Sep 22, 2015 | Freelance

So I’m back again, starting over, trying my luck at blogging once more.

To be honest, I found myself reading my old blog posts and regretting that I stopped blogging. How will I ever save the memories? Some write to forget, some write to remember. Isn’t that how the old saying goes?  Right now, it seems like an exercise in futility and I don’t know if this new brainfart will be of any good.

I’m a little rusty as far as writing is concerned. I don’t know if I’ve lost it completely, and I’m hoping I haven’t so this is also my attempt at trying to revive it.

I’ve decided to write about freelancing this time around. Primarily, this site will be used to showcase what little portfolio I have and serve as a contact point for potential clients. But I thought, hey, I miss writing and I could insert a tutorial here and there for web design stuff. Or whatever. There isn’t really a solid game plan or a clear direction on where this blog is supposed to go, but what I am sure of is that I have quite a lot to say about freelancing in general.

People have been asking me for tips on how to land clients, how to build their profiles, client red flags, stuff like that. And I always tell them that while I’m not an expert, I could assist them on where they could improve based on my limited experience. I could just share my story and see how it goes.

Right now, I’m just looking for ideas on what to write about. I’ll start with something simple just to get the ball rolling. Whether or not it gains momentum, you’ll have to stick around to find out.

And in the spirit of tradition, I just have to write – for all intents and purposes, this is the Hello World.

Heh. Never gets old.