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Feb 15, 2016 | Personal

Hello, non-existent readers! This is Nicole, doing the virtual version of the walk of shame – the post of shame. LOL nothing sexual or anything. Just really ashamed that we’re 2 weeks into February and I haven’t updated in what feels like a very long time.

I have been swamped with so much work, I don’t even know where to begin. I wonder if musicians feel this way just before they turn from normal, playing in local gigs, making ends meet musicians into fans screaming, sold out concerts, living large rockstars.

Not that I’m comparing myself to a rockstar, just that it seems like I woke up one morning and I have a career. A career that I love! A career that is taking off even! I mean, how awesome is that?

The Road So Far

So after the XDS (Ximena de la Serna) launch, I found myself contacted by a couple of clients, some old, some new. A couple of weeks go by and after much work and sleepless nights, I found myself launching 3 websites in one day. Work, Travel and Live, Wanderlust and the Girl and Imie Belanger. I’m not even kidding. 2 was for Alex who once hired me as a VA to manage her mega-popular blog. And Imie was referred to me by someone else who I do some web design for.

One day, I was talking to my client about my fees and I realized that her contract on Upwork was my last VA role. I had fully transitioned into web design! After all those years of being a VA for so many people, I finally maneuvered myself into a job that doesn’t feel like a job at all! Crazy, right?

Things to Improve On & Goals for 2016

2016 is turning out to be my year. I’ve been so blessed to be noticed by so many people, asking for my help, my services that I feel overwhelmed. I realize there are still aspects of my skills that I need to hone and practice. I’ve been trying to delegate more. Especially logo design.

Web design is creative work, but it is governed by best practices and involves so much code and HTML that it feels structured. But logo design is a wholenother ballpark entirely. So much respect for people who can create beautiful, effective logos.

Also, I’m trying to streamline my workflow. The obvious solution right now is to create slots per month on projects that can be done. Looking at previous projects, the most that I can accommodate per month is 3. And that’s stretching it. I’m comfortable with 2 as I am a one man show (maybe I wont be soon) but there’s always something that needs to be done.

For this year, I only have 5 goals for myself:

  1. Finish my website and add my portfolio (easier said than done)
  2. Earn 6 figures a month (so close, but so far)
  3. Find and tap people’s potential
  4. Create passive income
  5. Save

Challenges and Surprises

It’s really difficult to work at home now, I feel like I am compelled to go to a cafe or something to work. I’m more productive and have an urge to finish a lot of my pending tasks when I’m out. I also noticed it helps the creative process. I don’t go out to work as much as I want to because it seems so wasteful. In my mind, the logic is that I pay for really fast internet at home, would be a shame not to use it. I’m trying to be really smart about it but I need to be productive and get things done. Right now, going out works.

When I was writing my previous post, I felt like my 20s is a chapter that’s finally ending. Sure, there are loose ends here and there but the universe seem to be going out of its way to resolve them. I got a surprising friend request a couple of weeks ago from someone I haven’t spoken to for more than a decade. It was weird and I was absolutely horrified. But I accepted and we talked and I got an apology I never saw coming. Closure is a lovely thing.

Can you really say you still know a person after 12 years of not talking, not seeing each other? I don’t think so. Because other than the passage of time and the miles in between, what separates two people is a gulf of experiences not shared, not known.