OMG I’m Turning Thirty!

Jan 5, 2016 | Personal

Oh, eighty sixers, this is the year we turn 30.

I find myself thinking a lot about this the past couple of days. When I’m in the middle of work, I catch myself making plans and agendas for this year.

Thanks to my lovely clients, I will be quite busy for the first half of 2016.

Business and doing the adult thing

But there are a few business ideas percolating in my head and I intend to expand my web design services to something new to me. It’s scary and I’m not ready to share it with anyone yet but I am in the process of acquiring the necessary things I need to start.

I’m doing my due diligence with research but I’m afraid most of it is largely undocumented but I’m not fazed.

Funny thing about adulthood, it comes on all jagged edges and uneven overlaps. It’s quite stealthy and discreet, one year you’re wondering about how to make until next payday – the next, you’re taking your sisters for a vacation. It’s all grand and nice actually, a welcome change from the awkwardness of our 20s. I have more responsibilities, people depending on me and the stakes have never been higher.

Life, lately

I just booked me and my sisters for Boracay on my 30th. It’s still 8 months away so they still have time to hit the gym if they feel like it.

So now I vow to take better care of my body, make moments count and bond with the people I love. I wouldn’t say life has taken a much slower pace – to be honest, I’m having a hard time keeping up with it lately. But it’s all towards a goal.

I feel its like my 20s were all just wandering about (not that it was, but you get what I mean), and turning 30 is this whole new chapter. Uncharted territory, new things to experience, new lessons to learn.

And all at once, life seems very, very full.