Skincare Addict

Oct 14, 2016 | Skincare

Q: How do you know when you’re addicted to skincare?

A: When you need a spreadsheet to track your routine.

How did I get here? How did I become someone whose staples included tinted moisturizer and Ponds facial cleanser,




Someone on Facebook actually messaged me, alarmed at my ever increasing stash and pointed out that I’ve turned vain.

I just replied a laughing-crying emoji. I will not be ashamed of taking care of myself.

But seriously, I know my spending may look alarming to some but FFS I am not sending myself into debt, I still pay my bills on time and add to my savings account MONTHLY. My goal is to prevent skin cancer and melasma and if that appears vain to some, then that’s their problem.

I don’t really like to respond to negativity and avoid it as much as I can in my daily life but sometimes, you just gotta respond to the haters.


Moving on from that, I will be posting some reviews on the items that I got. It’s too soon to tell now but since I started about a month ago, I’ve seen major improvement in my skin. I did get the items per batch and while I didn’t patch test for 2 weeks (which is recommended), I did notice a few subtle changes every time I added something to my routine.

My skin is resilient, no ingredient has broken me out yet but I am a bit wary of skincare items with alcohol in it. I actively try to limit it as much as I can because I like my alcohol in a glass with lots of ice, not in my face thanks. Nothing is HG status yet, except for my Biore Perfect Milk SPF 50 PA++++ sunscreen. I don’t know how sunscreen can get any better.

I still have a couple of things in my wishlist but they are all just stuff I’m curious about and want to try. So I’m embarking on a no-buy month except for the masks I need for the Sheet Mask Club (yeah that exists) on Reddit.

Wish me luck!