Aug 20, 2016 | The Road So Far

It’s been months!!!

GoDaddy just reminded me that it’s almost time to renew my domain and hosting and I can’t believe its been a year! Feels like a lifetime ago. Honestly, I’m thinking of switching hosts and domain registrars for a while now. I might join my clients on their diaspora to Stablehost but I’m still looking for other solutions because my site doesn’t receive the traffic that they do. But we’ll see.

The Career So Far

Lately I’ve just thrown myself into work and planning the new business. It’s been quite a ride and we’re not even in the implementation stage yet. Work has been good, hectic but balanced. I’m working full-time for one client now. Said my goodbyes to my other clients which was heartbreaking! I do maintenance on some of my contracts that are still on-going but by the end of the year, I will be totally free of my obligations.

The Birthday

Celebrated my birthday in Boracay with my sisters and the boyfriend. Had a BLAST! So much fun, and I’m glad we had a budget and stuck to it.




I rented an apartment via Airbnb which was so much cheaper than what the hotels would have gone for. It came with two rooms with toilet and bath, a living area, a separate dining area, and a full-stocked kitchen. BLEW MY MIND.

One thing I really like about Airbnb is that you get to talk to locals who live in the area. Their messaging system is absolutely fantastic for people like me who are ALWAYS the designated travel planners. I swear I wish I could just throw caution to the wind and not plan things (or have someone else do it) but it will just drive me crazy not knowing. Are you guys like this too?

Anyway, our host was great at answering my questions and they even have staff who can help you get amazing deals on sea activities and whatever you’d like to do on the island. We signed up with 1 provider for all our activities except the mermaid class (I KNOWWWWW!) and they went without a hitch. We were guided to and fro which was convenient.




All in all, life has been great. Can’t complain. There’s been nothing eventful lately. Smooth sailing and stable for the most part. After the tumultuous storms and rough seas of my 20s – if this is what my 30s is going to look like, then sign me right up.