On Business and Philippine Fashion Week

Jun 5, 2016 | The Road So Far

There’s a first time for everything. This would probably be the first and only fashion post to every grace my blog.

I’ve always considered myself a no-frills, laid back kind of girl. My wardrobe is simple, relatively trendy but nothing in-your-face. And except for a boatload of white shirts, I wear whatever color/print looks good.

I was in Manila for a couple of days to see a client. He had a business proposal for me and was in the Philippines for a couple of days so could meet in person. Imagine my surprise when he asked me to go with him to Philippine Fashion Week. After declining a couple of times, my larger-than-life client finally convinced me to go. Our hotel was in Makati and was right beside a bunch of malls and a salon.


Photo 29-05-2016, 19 05 22


In all fairness to David’s Salon, my makeup was on point. I didn’t care much for the hairstyle they did, curls make me look even younger.



Photo 29-05-2016, 20 44 17


Zara, head to toe. I could make excuses but I won’t. I’m lazy and we were pressed for time. And the leather jacket was necessary, without it, I looked like I was off to bed. The shoes were IMPOSSIBLE. Cute, but impossible.

After getting pampered and ready, we were off to Discovery Primea where the event was held. It was a nice hotel, but nothing close to Makati Diamond Residences, where we were staying.

When we got there, me and my client were invited backstage by Cherry Veric, the designer – who as it turns out, is a friend of my client. Since I am a total fashion noob, I didn’t know that his show was closing the 20th Philippine Fashion Week. I know, total spaz.


philippine fashion week


Here’s one of the models backstage. The dress was absolutely stunning. And she looked like she was 10 feet tall.

Everyone was absolutely giddy and excited before the show started so I went off to try and find our seats.


philippine fashion week


And there we were. Right beside the Veric family. They misspelled my name but I couldn’t complain because FRONT ROW!!!

So on it went, dress after gorgeous dress. I knew there were talented Filipino designers but it was a whole-nother experience to see it in the flesh. I had to keep reminding myself to close my mouth because I was jawdropping every time one of Cherry’s creations came out. And when that final outfit came out, OMGGGGG GOOSEBUMPS all over. It was nothing short of spectacular.


cherry veric philippine fashion week

Photo credits to Preen.


After the show, the models all lined up outside to showcase the stunning dresses and matching shoes.

We went off to the bar to collect ourselves. Brilliant artistry, I think, hits you between the eyes and forces you to take a long hard look deep within yourself. Philippine Fashion Week was an experience like no other.


philippine fashion week


cherry veric


And here’s the designer, in de rigueur black shirt and jeans, and me.

After that night, we got back to talking about this new business venture that we will be undertaking. To be honest, it is the logical next step of my career. But it entails switching roles. I’ve always been passionate about web design and I TRULY LOVE what I do, but this is a new adventure to take and I feel confident in the fact that I could quite possibly pull it off.

Cheers to stepping out of comfort zones!