Site Launch!

Dec 11, 2015 | Web Stuff

The sleepless nights are over! 🙂 We finally launched Ximena’s new website

I first met Ximena through a referral from Alex from Travel Fashion Girl. It all started when she saw Alex’ Pinterest board covers and wanted her Pinterest done the same way. We were introduced and the rest, as they say, is history.

The E-Commerce Website

After Pinterest, she asked me if I could do her e-commerce website where she sells beautiful hair extensions, Deseo Hair. This was quite a big step for me since I had never done a spanish e-commerce website. We used the Bloom from Restored 316, a child theme for the Genesis framework  and Woo-Commerce.

Now, Divi will and always be my jam but working with other themes was an eye-opener.

The New Venture

So after a few months, Ximena contacted me again to work on her new venture. She wanted to transfer her entrepreneurial posts from her main beauty blog Deseo Beauty and add it to She wanted big eye-catching featured images of her posts, share-able on Pinterest.

Modern, classy, bold, fun, beautiful and strong.

The Technical Challenges

That’s not to say it was all smooth sailing. The timeframe for this project was quite generous and there were a few obstacles I needed to solve. Putting up Ximena’s content and layouting the website wasn’t really hard. However, Divi doesn’t really like big images, Elegant Themes suggests a specific size for featured image posts but it was tiny. So I had to go and find a way to make Divi display the massive featured image without cropping it.

When I got that working, I found that the images were not a member of Team Crispy! They were disappointing and blurry. But the fix was simple enough, just a few lines of <code>magic</code>.

After the launch, all went well until WordPress updated to 4.4.

All featured images were not displaying correctly. Instead of an image, there was a big gray box. I scoured the WordPress developers forums and found that it was a critical bug that they were trying to fix. There was a patch available but that didn’t work at all.

I couldn’t wait for them to release 4.5 as the site was already launched. I wanted to attempt to rollback the WordPress installation but that was scary and the hosting support advised strongly against it. I had everything backed up and downloaded, even the files I didn’t think I would need. Better safe than sorry, amirite?

Then I decided to look around one more time. I scoured the forums and found a solution at last! The geniuses there suggested a PHP fix for the image handler.

Et viola. PHP once again, saves the day.

Me and PHP have a love-hate relationship. Some days it cooperates and saves my butt, some days it messes everything up because I missed a semi-colon.